I Am (H.O.O.D) Helping Others Obtain Destiny

We want to help any and everyone in the community find their destiny.

Upcoming Event
2nd Annual Hunger Initiative

July 1st 2022, 11am CST location TBA

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Our Purpose

A non for profit, charitable, religious organization for the purposes of the people to provide services to help the poor, needy, middle-class, and broken families in neighborhoods around the world. With different fundraisers and strategies inspired by God, we intend to help create more public buildings or works, to help eliminate discrimination, defending human and civil rights, and promote the development of the arts amongst the individual people, public and private companies. We also plan on providing alternative educational, scientific, literary, business, and religious programs and materials using volunteers, members and staff to support Helping Others Obtain Destiny.

Our Services

Pastoral Counseling




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Meet Our Team

H.O.O.D Team Member


Founding Pastor

Used his experiences growing up on the Westside of Chicago to become a powerful youth leader and community advocate.

H.O.O.D Team Member



Over 10yrs of experience as a minister and pastor of Tree of Life Intl Minitries. Travels state to state organizing events to build communities.

H.O.O.D Team Member


Technology Consultant

U.S. Navy veteran & Software Engineer for a prison education start-up. He helps I am H.O.O.D build their digital presence and save souls in the process.


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